Hey there!

We are the green youth – the official youth organisation of the German party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen. However, we are politically and organisationally indepentent from our “mother party”.

We are passionate about the following points:

– nuclear power phase-out and a transition to renewable sources of energy – now!

– sustainable environment protection, which is more important than profit

– solving problems in a violence-free manner

– better education for everyone – regardless of one’s social background

– more direct participation for children and youth

– humane drug politics

– a right to asylum and equality for migrants

– at least half of the power should lie in female hands

– an accepting, open and multi-cultural society without discrimination or racism

– a just distribution of work and income

– the possibility for everyone to participate in new media and the internet

You want to meet us? Feel free to attend one of our meetings!

We’re always happy to welcome new people. You don’t have to be a member of the Green Youth in order to attend our meetings. Our gatherings are held in German. However, a lot of us do speak English and are happy to accommodate you in case of language barriers. We meet every Monday at 07:00 pm at Kaiserstraße 17, Nürnberg. The locations of our meetings sometimes vary, so make sure to take a quick look at our social media pages beforehand.

Any questions? Write a mail to vorstand.gj.nbg@gmail.com!

Check out our social media pages on Instagram (@gjnuernberg) and Facebook!